Past SPIRE Meetings

SPIRE’s ambition is to facilitate sustained communication and collaboration among scholars, particularly young scholars, doing cutting-edge research in Race and Ethnic Politics in the United States. Foremost, the group will host an annual one-day conference. Our meetings have a mix of research papers and design presentations.  We invite work across a broad substantive and methodological spectrum, including but not limited to the following:  race and representation, the politics of racial inequality, race and political development, minority political behavior, social movements and opinion, immigration politics and policy, and immigrant socialization and participation. We especially encourage work that uses new approaches and data.  

Past SPIRE Meetings

Emory 2022 Meeting 

Princeton 2020 Meeting 

University of Pennsylvania 2018 Meeting

University of Washington 2017 Meeting 

Vanderbilt 2015 Meeting

University of Pennsylvania 2014 Meeting 

Indiana University 2014 Meeting

Rutgers 2013 Meeting

Yale 2012 Meeting