Princeton 2022

SPIRE Conference Schedule Friday, February 7, 2020 

Princeton University 127 Corwin Hall

Breakfast- 8:30-8:55am

8:55am- Welcome

9:00– 9:45am- Jennifer Jones (UIC) and Ray Block (Penn State) “Shared Racial Status and New Civil Rights Agendas: Black Attitudes Toward Latinxs and Immigration Policy”   (Appendix)

9:45-10:30am-  Jenn M. Jackson (Syracuse) “Gendering Threat: Young People's Perceptions of the Seriousness of Police Killings of Black Americans"

Break – 10:30-10:40am

10:40-11:25am- Kiela Crabtree (Michigan) “Terror in Birmingham:” Violence, Mobilization, and the Risk of Reprisal” 

11:25- 12:10pm - Shom Mazumder (Harvard) "A Brief Moment in the Sun: The Racialized (Re)Construction of Punishment in the American South"

Break- 12:10-12:20pm

12:20-12:55pm– Panel- “Publishing in REP”, Nadia Brown (Purdue University, PGI Editor), Dara Strolovitch (Princeton, Incoming APSR Editor), Bridget Flannery-McCoy (Princeton University Press Editor)

Lunch- 1:00-1:45pm 

1:45- 2:30pm- Steven Moore (Michigan) “The Road to Hell: Race, Paternalism, and Political Behavior”

2:30-3:15pm- Christian Hosam (UC Berkeley) and Diane Wong (NYU & Rutgers, Newark) “Triangulation’s Engine: How Racial Capitalism Affects Asian American Racialization”

Break- 3:15-3:25pm

3:25-3:55pm- “Applying for NSF Funding”, Jan Leighley (American University and NSF Accountable Institutions and Behavior Program Director)

4:00- 5:00 pm Panel & Discussion, “Future Directions in REP”, Cristina Beltrán (NYU) , Megan Francis (University of Washington), Efrén Pérez (UCLA) Melanye Price (PAVMU), 

Dinner- 6pm Presidential Dining Room, Prospect House

**Thank you to the Princeton Politics Department, the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice, the Bobst Program on Inequality, and Bobst Program on Identities and Institutions for their support of this conference.  Thank you to Naseem Brady for organizational assistance.**